Mega Millions Lottery Totals for Tuesday Top $500 Million, Buy Your Tickets Now

Mega Millions Lottery Totals for Tuesday Top $500 Million, Buy Your Tickets Now : Offbeat : Classicalite

This Tuesday’s Mega Millions lottery total has reached an epic amount, totaling over $550 million. Check below for the full amount and be sure to buy your tickets now, if you want a chance at the big prize.

Tuesday’s Mega Millions totals has reached an amazing $586 million, with an estimated cash value of value of $316 Million,

The Mega Millions lottery games are also handing out millions in smaller prizes each and every week. A $3 million prize was claimed November 22. The official MM website shares his story:

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“Everette Sloop Jr. of Rockwell in Rowan County is the first player in the country to win $3 million playing the new Mega Millions game.

“Sloop’s Quick Pick ticket matched all five white balls but not the Mega Ball in Friday’s drawing. Because he added the $1 Megaplier feature and the Megaplier in the drawing was 3X, the ticket was worth $3 million.Sloop was sitting in his car on Saturday morning when he learned of his win, which beat odds of one in 18.4 million.

“I walked out to the car to call the lottery hotline because I don’t get very good reception inside the house,’ Sloop said. ‘I listened to the numbers and just sat there. I called five times just to make sure I had really won.'”

Sloop came awfully close to bringing home the grand prize jackpot:

“Sloop’s ticket was just one gold Mega Ball away from winning the jackpot. Because no ticket sold nationwide matched all six numbers, the jackpot has grown to a $205 million annuity for Tuesday’s drawing. If claimed as a one-time cash payment, the jackpot would be worth $110.6 million.

“Sloop’s win was the result of new rules put in place in October:

“Changes to Mega Millions – including a new number matrix, bigger starting jackpots, and bigger prizes for matching all five white balls–went into effect in October. Phen375 Reviews Previously, Sloop’s ticket would have been worth $750,000.”
As always remember to play responsibly and the best of luck to you.



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